Should we be worried?
Dear Sir,
In recent days we have heard, once again, of the terrible atrocities attributed to the ISIS campaign with the massacre of innocent tourists and others in the city of Tunis.
Yet there are people and organisations wringing their hands with glee of the prospect of an additional tourism landing on the Balearic Islands as the North African ports are boycotted on reasons of ‘security’.
I see it as a moral victory for the terrorist forces that they can essentially shut down a country’s main source of foreign revenue overnight, leaving many hard working businesses and local residents without work and thus no source of income.
Majorca has had its fair share of terrorist acts over the past couple of decades but ISIS does not discriminate and, as opposed to other attempts on the Island, its followers would not be wanting to go home ‘after the event’.
Should I be worried?
Paul Heaton

Magalluf walk
Dear Sir,
The article by Julie Blumm regarding the state of the roads and general condition of Magalluf prompted me to recount my own experience of a walk in Magalluf.
Last Wednesday I went with my wife for a walk in Magalluf. I wanted to see how the new hotel with huge water slides looked. As we live in Palmanova, it was not too much of a walk.
However tying to get to the site of the new development was a nightmare! Roads up, no direct access to the site and worse of all was the mess every where. It is not long until Easter, and by the looks of the place now I can not see it being finished in time.
After walking for one hour and not finding the new development my wife decided she had had enough and said she was going home. Being the old determined chap I am, I said fine, I will find it on my own.. So off I set.
I asked in the few bars that were open where the site could be found and was pointed in the direction of the sports club.
At last after 30 minutes walking I found the site which was all boarded up and piles of building material lying all around. I managed to get a photo through a hole in the fence.
It will be a fine hotel and water park but there is a lot to do.
Niels Svendsen