Daily Bulletin - Publishing Days
Dear Sir,
Opening Hours? - As said by Simon Tow in yesterday’s DB, that the DB does not publish on Monday.
When I was employed, I enjoyed weekends away from my work. During some employments I worked Saturdays as well. So to have Sunday off, was a welcome relief. Surely Simon Tow would allow the DB Staff ONE DAY OFF WORK!
Yours faithfully,
F.S. Jessop
( Sa Coma nearly open! )

Teachers won?
Dear Sir,
Jason Moore ends his piece on Tri-Language Teaching saying “Teachers won”.
Surely, more to the point is the fact that Pupils lost!
Teachers and the Education system should have geared up to this situation long ago and should be gearing up even now, but are they?
Meanwhile Pupils are missing out on an essential skill in the world today and, while so much effort is expended on the preservation of the Catalan, Welsh and now Cornish languages, etc., many Pupils are being deprived of the ability to communicate freely with the wider world.
This should not be regarded as a Political football but viewed as a worthy goal for all involved in Education and the preparation of all children for a better life.

E. Hodges
Retired Teacher, regular reader of MDB