Dear Sir,
The name Bob Dudley features twice in Thursday’s Daily B. The first reference is as one of 100 British business bosses signing a pro conservative pre-election letter. As all the signatures were made in “a personal capacity” why is an American commenting on a UK election?
The second reference was to BP investors disquiet over his $12.7 million pay for 2014. This combination could back fire for the conservatives especially when the oil industry is having to tighten its belt and BP in particular with the biggest oil pollution fiasco ever in the US.
Even when divided by 365 to make the number more understandable – almost $35000 per day is still grotesque.

Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma

Iberia Express
Dear Sir,
Tuesday’s DB (01-04-15) item on Iberia Express new summer flight schedule.
Could the DB and its readership interest the low cost carrier (IE) to operate in the winter.
Ideally from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Newcastle.
As there are no flights from those airports during the winter, then ‘Slots’ will be readily available. Also, flights from Ireland, Belfast, Dublin, Cork etc.
I do not know who could effect this idea, but would ask the DB to contact the company as part of the newspapers campaign, to bring more flights and create more attractions in the winter.

Yours faithfully,

F.S. Jessop
Sa Coma (Nearly Open for Easter)