Dear Sir,
I could not believe what I was reading in Saturday’s edition Angie Guerrero, saying that her heart sank on reading that the prostitutes were back in Magalluf. Mine and many more residents hearts sank, but the difference is, that we all knew they would be back.
It is a very lucrative business, and until it is stamped out, they will be back every year. They know they have the law on their side.
Calvia might be spending millions on upgrading Magalluf, but until you rid it of these women that is what Magalluf will be.  The Lookey men are back, as are the hair braiders. I am just waiting for  the beach fruit/drinks sellers, then we will have a hat trick of undesirables!!
Magalluf resident

Spanish politics
Dear Sir,
Is it not surprising that, as Ms Guerrero states, very few members of the foreign community bother to vote, when even she doesn’t know who is going to be on the “list”?
Why bother, when all they would be doing is giving some sort of approval for their tax money to be spent to give jobs to people they don’t know, have never met and have never bothered to ask their opinion about anything.
In other words, give us your money and shut up. On a more, hopefully, humorous note, if the “list” was lost, would they have to cancel the elections?
Yours sincerely,

Simon Tow