Dear Sir,
I read the Bulletin on line while in England and read the actual paper when over there, about four times a year.
Every winter, the government blows hot air about muggers and “looky looky” men and how the next season it is going to stop but every year the next season arrives along with more muggers and “looky looky” men.
I live in a town in England which sometimes gets a bit of a red light district going but our Police soon move them on. I know they just become a problem somewhere else, for example on our industrial estates but it is away from the general public and the girls and the customers go to these sites knowing they are away from the public eye.
I’ve never known anywhere allow such blatant behaviour especially in holiday resorts where families go. Surely the muggers are not bigger or have more power than the police?

From a Majorca lover who is getting a bit sick of not feeling safe and feeling as if it may become a no go area!!