Dear Sir,
As you know I write about Magalluf’s problems. I’ve always told you about the prostitutes being one of the biggest problems of Magalluf but instead Calvia feel that bar crawls and drinking on the streets are the problem, how wrong they are.
As you know I run a bar crawl but before you all judge me for doing this you should ask me why?
I do a bar crawl because between the hours of 8p.m and 11p.m people are staying in the hotel drinking cheap booze from cheap supermarkets or are still drinking in the all inclusive hotels.
This is forcing myself and many other bar owners to do bar crawls to try to get people out of hotels early. Then you’re going to say I’m only doing it to line your pockets: YES to make money to pay my many bills.
As I’m only open 6 months a year but have to pay bills for 12 just like everyone, if I waited for the people to leave the hotels my bar would only have 4/5 hours to take money. If you worked that out in hours I have only 720 hours a season to take enough money to give me a living and pay all my bills .
Paul Smith

Tony Blair
Dear Sir,
Is the Tony Blair that Mr Fleming refers to in today’s paper as always having had “sound, consistent and well expressed” views about the EU, the same one who wanted the UK to join the Euro?
Yours sincerely,

Simon Tow

Calvia International Department
Dear Sir,
I’m aware that you know by now that the PP candidate Jose Manuel Ruiz for Mayor of Calvia, has announced his candidates lists. Angela Guerrro has been put on that list as number 14!
While this is very disappointing for Angela (and anything over number 11 is ) I see this as more of a slap in the face for her department and an indication of something more worrying... I see this as an indicator of  just how Jose Manuel feels about the non Spanish Community here in Calvia. Allow me to explain something for those who may not be aware.
The “courting” of the Partido Popular political party in Calvia and the International Community was started by Carlos Delgado in his attempt to become the first PP Mayor of Calvia.
He enlisted Kate Mentink to involve and encourage non Spaniards to get involved and learn a little about the policies which affect them as “residence”... It worked and with the support of the Non Spanish community, Carlos Delgado became the Mayor, two further elections, and again the PP returned their candidate this time Sr. Manu Onieva for Mayor.
This last election returning 14 councillors the highest number for the PP Party ever.
The campaign ran its time under the chairmanship and control of Angela Guerrero, who was herself on the list at number 11... So becoming a councillor.
Angela has enlarged the International Department many fold. All the work she does encourages the foreign residents to be included and involved and a very “special relationship” between Spanish nationals and Non Spanish nationals was cemented by Manu and his team, all ready to be built on even further.
But now we have a different Candidate for Mayor, Jose Manuel Ruiz and it’s clear he does not see the need to keep this special relationship...special. It’s clear he does not see the importance of encouraging and nurturing and involving foreign residence in politics, because if he did, he would have ensured that the Councillor for the Foreign Residence was a councillor able to play a full role in his team and be able to represent “ us” at the monthly council meetings...the plenary sessions, and this means she needed to be no higher than number 11 on his list.
Placing Angela at number 14, means she is much less likely to become a councillor and while she might be allowed to continue as the head of the International Department, IF the Partido Popular win Calvia... she will not have a vote or be able to represent us in the Pleno.
Something tells me this is a big step Backwards and will be seen as such, I can’t see how this will benefit the Partido Popular, Calvia at all...
We wont have to wait too long to see how this “slap in the face” effects the end results.
Jose Manuel has now lost a lot of support from the Non Spanish residents and it is all his own doing!! The elections are in 4 weeks time.

Peter Newey