Dear Sir,
After a season of early promise and a few runs of promising results, both the senior team and reserves are now staring down the barrel with the chasing pack getting ever closer.
If Real can’t garner 3 points against Racing on Saturday, you would be fearful of the remaining games to come.
If you can’t turn over a team one place off the bottom, would you really deserve to stay up?
Heaven forbid, so come on Mallorca.
I’ve come all this way to see a win. Don’t let me down!!

Peter Thompson
N. Ireland

Voting time
Dear Sir,
Some valued input in yesterday’s MDB (09/04) re the upcoming Calvia local elections from yourself and Peter Newey. You question why only 25% of Calvia expats entitled to vote in local elections actually do so.
How many expat residents over the years have made Calvia Dpto Extranjeros their first point of contact for advice and assistance in dealing with administrative issues?
Do Angie Guerrero and her excellent team not deserve our 300% support?

Geoff Williamson
Santa Ponsa