Ex-pat vote
Dear Sir,
I am not a betting man, but I would put money on Mr Fleming having a different opinion about the “ex-pats” right to vote, if he thought the majority had left of centre inclinations.
How he can say that we should not have the vote as we are not au fait with the current political situation in the UK, with written press, 24hr TV and internet at our disposal, is, quite frankly, rubbish.
When, may I ask him, was the last time he had a member of any of the local parties knocking on his front door to explain their policies to him and answer his particular questions?
If his answer is, as I presume, never, would this also mean that we should not have the right to vote in the soon to be held local elections?
Yours sincerely,
Simon Tow

Palma City Terraces
Dear Sir,
Humphrey Carter ‘s article on the controlling of Bar Terraces in Palma, has reminded me of a problem I experience in Palma.
Many years ago it was a pleasure to sit outside, on a terrace bar area, in Palma.
Today I have difficulty breathing in Palma, because of the large volume of traffic.
The pleasure of a terrace meal or drink, is greatly reduced by the noise and traffic pollution.
Also, I have had a skin cancer problem, from being in the sun.
Perhaps more sun shade protection is needed, but I do not know how the noise and pollution can be controlled, or reduced in the city.
Yours faithfully,
F.S. Jessop
( Sa Coma --Open, but deserted!)