Dear Sir,
SNP will only call for another referendum for independence if uk vote to leave the European Union. There is no arrangement in place for another referendum.
Your statement Full marks to the SNP they have out-manoeuvred everyone.
People say Blair killed the labour party but I know many Scots that voted labour and supported the union. But that changed during the referendum Scottish people don’t take kindly to threats, lies, and BBC bias, The fact is labour stood on the same platform as the Tories and stood by this says it all.

Dear Sir,
The annual rent of 1.75 million euros for Palma’s Convention centre and hotel (MDB Saturday) is only 1% of the 160 million it cost and will not even cover the interest. There appears to be no interest in buying the conference centre and the “possible” offer of 40.5 million for the hotel will mean selling it at a loss. It is probably too much to hope that the Town Hall have learnt a business lesson and they keep out of running the airport or worse their own airline, but this is water under the bridge – a sunk cost in financial jargon if you’ll forgive the pun – but it’s not the Titanic so let’s wish the Palacio de Congressos every success from now on.

Dear Sir,
I am an animal lover and detest any ill treatment of them. This includes the horses who pull the carriages mentioned in Sunday’s MDB. The campaign to have them banned may be misdirected. wants them possibly “replaced by classic cars in order to prevent the horse owners losing their jobs”. What will be lost are the lives of the horses as they will no longer have a purpose. Farming is a business not a charity. This has a precedent. Many years ago a well-intentioned campaign was mounted against children’s donkey rides along the Playa de Palma at the bottom of my street. Instead of financing shaded areas with fresh water the whole activity was shut down and the redundant donkeys slaughtered for cat food. Their empty sheds stand in the fields around my house as a silent witness. More will result if the campaign is not redirected in a more pragmatic direction.
Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma