Time to ban beggars
Dear Sir,
I was very pleased to read this article and proposal , I fully support this.
I am also in favour to ban the so called ‘beach –street musicians’ . Most of them are Romanians who just make some noise they call music, bothering people who are enjoying their lunch or nap on the beach. Then after playing for 5 minutes they come between the tables and sunbeds begging for money and smelling of everything apart from soap.  I cannot imagine this being legit business.
Aiming to go upmarket for some parts of Majorca is fine and I am a big supporter of this but this must not only be limited to the redeveloping of some area’s and plant new palm trees along sea fronts.
Nevertheless we hope for the best and already looking  forward coming to the island in May-June and September-October.
 Kind regards,
Mike & Els Lammers
Belgium/Puerto Soller

Dear Sir,
As I understand the political parties position in the current UK election the Nationalists of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland wish to remain in the EU. Only the Conservatives and UKIP whose following is largely English, favour a referendum where there is a strong probability of a British exit.
Most certainly an out vote would power up the drive for full independence in Scotland at least. Of relevance to Friday’s Epore debate on Britain’s future in the European Union (MDB Tuesday) is that many residents could apply for Spanish nationality so overcoming any impending problems highlighted during the debate.
For  those not fancying dual nationality people like Kate Mentink and I with Scottish Ancestry could await independence and the re-joining of the EU. Of course the effects of the splitting up of the UK could be the next debate.
Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma