Winter flights
Dear Sir,
We have been living in Majorca now for 12 years and would love to go back to Northern Ireland for a short visit during the winter months. Unfortunately there are no direct flights to Belfast or Dublin and the cost to fly to London or Madrid/Barcelona and onward is far to expensive .
Please add our names to your list.
Robert and Rosemary Brennan

Dear Sir,
My wife and I would love to come out in the winter but no flights from Newcastle, Glasgow or Liverpool at this time, and when I have asked airlines why, they fail to respond.
Good luck and I hope you can get an airline interested.
Kind regards,
Peter Sherrington

Dear Sir,
Iam currently on holiday and  as regular reader of the Majorca Daily Bulletin whilst visiting Majorca, Iwas appalled to read your column (Frank Leavers) about the carriage and horses situation. This is most certainly not acceptable, as it can be very distressing for children and adults alike. Something has to be done to care about these unfortunate animals. The people that have the horses obviously do not care about their welfare, and use them only as money making machines. Please keep campaigning for them, as they do not have a voice.
A most concerned tourist

Dear Sir,
As a property owner in Santa Ponsa I would also like you to ask the people responsible for upholding the law and making the streets safe what are the plans to stop the muggers before someone looses their life and not just their wallet.
From what I can gather the muggers are getting more aggressive and it won’t be long before you have to publish a story of some unfortunate person who has travelled to Majorca for a holiday and will not be travelling back to their family.
From an annoyed property owner