Winter flights
Dear Sir,
Our nearest airport is Leeds/Bradford and all three airlines, Jet2, Monarch and Ryanair all suspend flights to Palma, in favour of Ski destinations. It is so frustrating when we want to visit but are unable to between October/April. The alternatives, via Barcelona, Malaga, Heathrow are so expensive and inconvenient.
Good luck with your quest and for bringing this problem to the fore.

Pat & Steve Bean

Tourism tax
Dear Sir,
I have been a visitor on a regular basis for about thirty years, normally twice a year – except for a few years when it was only once a year, but in that period for three winter months.
Initially most hotels in Palmanova and Magalluf were open through the winter period and filled to a high capacity.
Then came the Tourism Tax. My wife and I were aware that we would each have to pay one euro per day tax, so on arrival at our hotel we were prepared to pay 30 euros. However we had noticed that parking meters had been introduced and since my wife was disabled it was essential that we could park nearby, without having to worry about finding and recharging a local meter. The hotel told us that they had a small car park where we could reserve a space – again at a charge of 2 euros per day, so there went another 30 euros. In addition we had to pay a security deposit of 25 euros for the car park key. All in all we  therefore had to pay 85 euros before completing our booking in at the hotel reception.
We accepted these charges, such was our love of visiting the island.
By the time of our next visit, late in the year the tourism tax had been dropped and also the parking meters had been removed. However what had happened was that the number of visitors had noticeably reduced, probably by at least ten per cent. The rot had started and the following year visitors were down even further and within about five years almost all hotels in the area had closed for the winter.
I think that only one hotel has been open in Palmanova/ Magalluf over the last two winters.
Large parts of the island used to be regarded as a year round holiday destination but I believe that it was factors such as the tourism tax and winter parking charges that caused people to look elsewhere and initiated the downward spiral.
There is no reason why the island should not return to being seen as a year round holiday destination, but please do not re-erect barriers.
I am in England at the time of writing, but will be returning to visit the island later this week, then again in November. Unfortunately since I live in the North East of England I may have to travel to Stansted to find a suitable flight – where I will be able to stay will also be questionable.
Robert Rishworth
Huddersfield, England