Dear Sir,
Having spent many years owning a property in Majorca I know what a beautiful Island it is.
 So when my Grandson was born we decided the time was right to return to  Britain.
 However we have enjoyed coming back every year since he was born. We decided Palmanova was to be our choice as we knew this was a family resort that welcomed all. Now we find that some of the hotels are becoming Adult only.... Why? ... If  I were of black origin or gay these hotels could not put on their Websites no black or gay people allowed, but they can put adult only which means no children allowed under 16 years of age.
So families  with children cannot book into these hotels. How frustrating it must be if you have two children one being 16 and the other 15, I really feel this is discrimination towards children. I know there are many responsible parents out there that keep children under control, however I have seen first hand what young adults can do in some hotels after a night out... yet it seems that the hotels are willing to take that chance.
What a shame that from now on I will have to take my Grandson to a hotel that may not be of my choosing. I know that there are many hotels not only in Majorca that are now adopting this policy but where will it end? No children on flights... no children in McDonald’s ... no children in Disney World. We were all children once.
 Very angry Grandma.