Dear Sir,
We have just returned from three wonderful weeks in Puerto Pollensa.

Weather was not so good this year but that is the joy of Majorca! The only blight on our holiday, as it is every year, is the amount of rubbish left on the beaches. However, this year we noticed along Pine Walk a growing problem - locals walking dogs and leaving dog poo littered all over the path.

We actually reported the problem to the hotel staff at the Illa d'Or Hotel as every day dog poo was prominent along the hotel front. One poor child on holiday slipped in it and the parents were distraught as it was all over her hands and clothes.
The hotel staff seemed uncaring - they just said yes, it is a problem. Why do you not have dog litter signs up? Why do you not penalise offenders?

This would make a great campaign - stop the dog poo problem. It is only the locals who walk their dogs, so no blame on the tourists this time! What really worries me is the planned pedestrian area along the beach front - this will be paradise for dog walkers and the problem of poo will escalate. Do not ignore this - tourists deserted Paris years ago due to the problem of dog poo.