Cyclists love them, hate them
Dear Sir,
Here in Majorca we have to learn to live with them. However, what I can’t quite understand is just how many of them have not driven a car or when they get on their bikes lose all traffic sense.
How many times have you arrived at a T-junction, sharp bend or crossroads to find a group of them stopped looking at their maps merrily waving you into the path of on-coming traffic?
How many times have you seen a group of cyclists by the side of the road relieving themselves, always men, as I have not witnessed women doing this? Could you imagine a coach driver stopping and saying you get off now if you want to relieve yourself?
The local councils have spent a huge amount of money with road-widening projects to create cycle lanes, only for the cyclists not to use them. They still cycle four abreast oblivious to the motorists, many times with headphones on.
For all this, we motorists have to live with them as they are a huge part of winter/off peak tourism. I just wish they would respect the motorists and in return I am sure all motorists would respect the cyclists more.
Adrian Bertorelli