Dear Sir,
As they approve the tourist tax levy, today’s events in Brussels should show them exactly where the money should be spent, i.e. paying for the extra security measures that will be needed at Balearic airports. Nothing else. The Balearics main income is from the tourist industry, and (God forbid) if anything untoward happened at any of our airports - it would spell disaster. Tourists want to feel safe, if not, they will go elsewhere - so Palma Council, the spending of the Tourist Tax on all your fancy ideas, has been dealt a blow. It’s time for an urgent security re-think (before the main tourist season gets underway) to reassure all potential visitors that they are as safe as possible when visiting the Balearics. If not, be prepared to pay the price.
M. Irving

Dear Sir,
I reckon if I have half a dozen dependable local restaurants and the same number in Palma I can keep my family and other guests happy in the food department. I wrote some days ago about planning for my demise. Yesterday I noted a “Cerrado por Jubilacion” on the door of one of my local Top 6. It reminded me of three others “deceased” recently again for retirement. One might have hoped a family member would take over the reins or that their reputation would have attracted a buyer but this has not occurred and the property remains unoccupied and increasingly ugly. Although the recession may have peaked I had noticed a general drop in dining out and other small businesses still are failing. Just this morning another calamity when I noticed our bakery was being gutted: so for English style loaves, bread and sausage rolls, not to mention their glorious fruit and crème cakes – no more.

There is one upside I will have to do a local Andrew Valente and eat my way all along the Playa de Palma to replace the four lost gems.
Mike Lillico
Playa de Palma