Dear Sir,
I am writing to complain about the lack of provision for people with disabilities in the new pavements which have been constructed on the seafront road in Puerto Pollensa. From what I have been able to see, there appear to be no ‘drop curbs’ needed by disabled people, especially those using wheelchairs, mobility scooters or similar equipment.
This means that the much wider pavements which should be of great benefit for disabled people cannot be accessed as the curbs are too high for them to be safely accessed. This is causing problems for our family as our daughter uses a wheelchair and disabled tricycle. I believe many other people are affected, including residents and the many disabled visitors to the town.
I believe that the Council needs to correct this position as a matter of urgency by installing drop curbs wherever they are required, for example at pedestrian crossings and points where roads intersect pavements.
Yours faithfully,
Peter Dodson
Puerto Pollensa