The Blog conventions piece
Dear Sir,
Thanks for today’s interesting and enlightening piece. The whole situation with the Palacio de Congresos is such an embarrassment for all concerned.

As a show organiser, I couldn’t agree with you more. I live in Austria, but for one school year 2013-14 I lived on the island with my family in Alaro. At the time, I thought: ‘Why doesn’t Palma have more international events from Feb-Apr and Oct-Nov?” (This is peak season for the exhibition business). There are enough flights operating and hotels open to support smaller focused events.

Your article has shone some light on the chequered past, but surely there must be more than Stephen Roche and Sky cycling freaks traversing this beautiful island in the off season? The reason is an apparent lack of entrepreneurship in the event’s sector.
While the Balearics have been busy concentrating on British boozers, German golfers and Swiss cyclists, cities like Barcelona have developed strong and leading international events which run extremely successfully and profitably in a parallel universe alongside global megatourism. Despite Majorca’s venues maybe being second or third tier, there must have been cases of opportunities missed to develop tourism and other related events.

On the one hand, business people on Majorca complain about the lack of visitors from Nov-Mar, but trade  shows, conventions and congresses could have provided the winter, spring and autumn tonic the island needed to keep things ticking over.

Running events is not rocket science, it just requires hard work, dedication and a bit of imagination, like any other business.
Best Regards,
Michael Boyle