Illegal street sellers

Dear Sir,
In response to Humphrey Carter's Viewpoint, we are about to go home after three weeks in Puerto Pollensa. We’ve been coming here for over 30 years. This year, the farcical nonsense that is the police response to the traders has been just too much. As you will see from the enclosed picture, there are plenty of traders with their knock-off bags and toys with no safety certificate. Every night is the same - the traders set up, a little while later two officers take a leisurely stroll, at which point the traders pick up their things and hide behind the sunbeds.

I stopped the officers and asked if they were aware of the traders hiding on the beach. Yes was the answer, but it’s too difficult for us to do anything.

What is the point of the patrol? The traders hide (I say hide, we can all see them) for a few minutes, the officers leave, and the traders return.

Of course, if the tourists did not buy from them, then they might go. But everyone loves a (crime funded/funding enterprise that preys on immigrants, selling dangerous goods) bargain, don’t they.

E. McGhee