Christmas and expats
Dear Sir,
I find it very surprising that Jason Moore seems to disapprove of expat Brits wanting to spend Christmas in Britain!

Of course I love my home in Majorca, but the reason most of us want to go back to freezing Blighty next month, seems so obvious to me. It is perhaps the only time when all families manage to get together - I could not bear to sit here alone here on Christmas day when I could be celebrating surrounded by all my children and many grandchildren. My flight off the island was booked long ago!

However, Jason might be happy to know that all twenty two of them have just been persuaded to spend Christmas here next year.

Shiela Peczenik

Winter tourism
Dear Sir,
I read with great interest Humphrey Carter's piece on winter tourism and totally agree with all he says.

Flights, flights, flights is the most important part of the recipe for winter tourism. Palma has fantastic facilities in the winter - golf, tennis, sailing, walking, fishing, shopping and partying, but we need flights, flights, flights from the UK.

Ian Rice
A long-term resident