Dear Sir,
Regarding your headline on Wednesday 27 December, this was my experience on Thursday 22 December.

I arrived at 10.40am and took a taxi from the line up outside of arrivals: a journey which I have taken many times to Sol de Mallorca, Calvia in both directions. I was horrified to be charged on this occasion €70 for a 25-minute journey. I pointed out to the driver that this was a huge increase (at this point I was outside of the car); he merely repeated the fare cost.

I was aware that I could not see the fare displayed inside his cab. I gave the driver distinct address details; he informed me it would take 25 minutes.

I have been visiting friends on the island for the past 30 years in both winter and summer seasons 2/3 times a year. This is the fourth Christmas I have spent in Majorca and each time due to my early arrival I have taken a taxi and have never paid in either direction more than €44. I would urge visitors to request the cost of the fare before entering a taxi from the airport.

I consider I was taken advantage of and wish that I taken the registration number of the vehicle. I will certainly do so in future.

Marie Thomas