Public toilets

Dear Sir,
I feel compelled to comment about the lack of public toilet facilities in the resorts at this time of year. My wife and I (both 70+ years of age) are spending about three weeks in Santa Ponsa, 12-31 March. When we have been out walking in various resorts, and needing to use a toilet, all the public toilets in Santa Ponsa, Palmanova, Camp de Mar and Paguera have the locks sealed over. Fortunately, in these places, there are a couple of hotels or fast food restaurants we have been able to use. We don’t feel comfortable walking into a cafe or restaurant just to use the facilities, in most cases there are notices to say the toilets are for customers only.

Today, Saturday, we stopped off at Es Molinar (Ciutat de Jardi) just outside Palma. We had a pleasant walk along the seafront, and just before leaving we needed to use a toilet. As usual the two public toilet blocks were locked, I looked in the door of a bar/restaurant on the seafront and noticed toilets just inside the entrance. Desperation made us use the toilets, but when we exited the premises two members of staff, one male and one female chased after us and started shouting at us and subjecting us to verbal abuse. I tried to explain that the public toilets were locked, they must know that the public toilets are out of use, but they continued to shout and gesticulate at us while we walked away from them. As regular visitors to the island at various times of the year, I know that it isn’t possible to keep all the facilities in use all year, but surely a few of the toilets could be made available for visitors.

James Ross