Accident Friday 14 June

Dear Sir,

While driving with my wife and son from the airport to Puerto Pollensa on Friday we were involved in a serious accident when the car in front of us suddenly moved right and was replaced with a Land Rover coming towards us at high speed on our side of the road. In the seconds we had moved to the right but the Land Rover hit us ripping off the wheel/suspension and my car door, unfortunately he then hit the car behind us. We sustained minor cuts, bruising and I have a broken foot. Both my son and I were kept in hospital for 24 hours.

However the two men in the second car which the Land Rover hit were seriously injured.
The driver of the car which hit us all was arrested and I believe appeared before a Judge on Monday.

All the emergency services were first class and many many people helped everyone who was involved. We would like to thank everyone for their kindness especially two couples who were waiting for hours helping, even driving us to Alcudia afterwards. We did not get their names but will never forget their kindness.

Thanks again to all who helped and best wishes to the men still in hospital.


John Caldwell