Something great
Dear Sir,
In the recent MDB article, “Buger Something Happened”, the minor disagreement between the outgoing and incoming mayors was highlighted. The article suggested the village of Buger does not deserve this regrettable spectacle.

Well it does because it’s a measure of the fantastic enthusiasm the two have for their village.

Buger is exceedingly well run and serviced, probably the best on village on Majorca. The fact that this small vibrant community have their own policemen to calm the waters is a practice example.

The Mayor in a small community can improve the village considerably and what a privilege to be part of a village who’s officials care enough to fight for that opportunity.

(Buger taxpayer)

End of season
Dear Sir,

What a climax to a long, tough season. Fantastic

Many thanks to Monro Bryce for his great reports. Please make sure he knows what fun they are to read on the web.

Peter Sanders
Bunyola and Hove