A different point of view

Dear Sir,

In response to Pierre B (Letter June 30) titled Financial Bullying. How often a simple news item of fact can be seen from opposing perspectives.

“The European Commission has failed to negotiate a shares trading deal with Switzerland and Brussels will block Swiss shares from trading on EU exchanges from Monday.”

Mr B sees this as bullying by the EU and warns Britain will suffer the same fate in the Brexit negotiations.

From the European side Switzerland did not come to a trading arrangement suitable to the European block of ( soon to be) 27 nations and therefore its shares will not qualify for trade on European exchanges.

If the UK, having decided to leave Europe but still wishing to trade with Europe, is not prepared to reach an agreement acceptable to the 27 then it is going to have to go it totally alone as best it can.

Pierre B views the EU as a dictatorship, however the word dictator is a singular noun. A dictatorship of 27 individual countries– that would be something to see.
Others would consider it a group, consortium, federation or similar but never a dictatorship.

John Little

The Skrypal Affair

Dear Sir,

Contrary to what Theresa May would have us believe, the Skrypal affair was fake news created, probably by MI5, for the purpose of damaging Russia’s reputation prior to the World Cup football tournament hosted by Russia.

The British accusation is that two Russian secret agents nearly killed a Russian double agent and his daughter by spraying them with Novichok, a nerve agent made only in Russia. The Russians have of course denied this.

Sir, it is obvious to almost anyone that had the Russians decided to secretly kill the Skrypals, they would never have been so stupid as to use a nerve agent manufactured only in Russia. They might as well have left a picture of Putin and a bottle of vodka next to the bodies.

Then there is the added mystery of why the Skrypals were spirited away by MI5 out of the reach of our media never to be seen or heard of again.

Our secret services are shockingly amateurish at inventing fake news stories, the Tienenmen Square nonsense being another example.

David Lee
Costa de la Calma

Poor judgement

Dear Sir,

Stormzy, made history as the first British rapper to headline Glastonbury on Friday.
As a youngish person I listen to a variety of rapp music including Stormzy.

From the lyrics of his songs, the listener soon realises he is not only foul mouthed but a serious racist and expresses homophobic views.

Glastonbury headliner yes, roll model for the young, definitely not.


Water Action

Dear Sir,

Plastic polluting the planet is at crisis levels. Majorca residents are forced to buy our drinking water in large plastic bottles. Why can’t the Majorca government invest in making the tap water drinkable eliminating the need for millions of those large plastic bottles.
Perhaps the tourist tax could be used to make a start.


Puerto Pollensa parking

Dear Sir,

In what world has Puerto Pollensa plenty of parking? On the outskirts yes, central very little. And, at the Formentor bus stop the parking is full by early morning.

Workers & deliveries need to park somewhere.

Name withheld