Were you asked?

Dear Sir,

Members of Britain’s Brexit Party turned their backs on the EU anthem which was played at the opening of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

An EU anthem? I hear you ask.

Why does the EU Parliament need an anthem? and if it does surely EU citizens should have a say in what that anthem should be.

Once again the EU has dictated to all other member states negating any involvement with the people it supposedly should be serving.

Pierre B

How many would you like?

Dear Sir,

The recent letter to the Editor by John Little was an interesting view on Brexit and the lack of Brexit progress.

The frustration is understandable, three years on and politicians have so far failed to deliver the democratic vote of the people of the UK.

Delays breed apathy, however the suggestion of a revote cannot be taken seriously. A second vote may well turn out differently, and then what? A third or forth etc.

Sorry but the vote must stand or democracy is trampled on, irrespective of our political preferences.