The Moon Landing

Dear Sir,

In the early 1960’s I was present during an argument between a German scientist who saw the supposed moon landing as a giant hoax perpetrated by the USA Kennedy government for propaganda purposes, and an American scientist who was equally sure the moon landing was factual. I remember the German scientist saying to the American “If your claim is correct and the landing did take place, do you then agree sir that within the next twenty years there will be an observatory, a research station and probably a military base up there on the lunar surface?” The American answered, “Most certainly I agree”. The German scientist then said, “Maybe we should meet in twenty years time and see who should apologise to whom”.

Sir, it is now fifty years on and the moon is still totally uninhabited. So was it all just a gigantic hoax played on the world by the USA to prove the superiority of capitalism over the Communist USSR?

We will probably never know.

David Lee

Costa de la Calma