Litter in Majorca

Dear Sir,

Further to your correspondent's letter and photos of litter surrounding SKIPS.

In S'Illot, Sa Coma, Cala Millor, and Cala Bona all the skip areas are a disgraceful mess. The Skip cleaning service tries its utmost to clean up those areas. But it is a never-ending continuous task.

During last Winter I was appalled to see litter and dog dirt everywhere in this eastern part of the Island. It became worse as road works brought workmen who discarded bottles and cans wherever they were working.

Every morning there are empty beer and drink cans littering the streets. Leaflet distributors afford a plethora of litter to occur everywhere.

But, worst of all is the number of plastic items, many of which are blown into the sea. The fish eat this plastic litter, with serious consequences to the fish and Humans.

Majorca has become a "dirty littered island," and it can not be just blamed on the Tourists.

Education is now a priority to every man woman and child on the Island, to clean up their litter. Do not become dirty litter people anymore.

Yours sincerely
Mr. F.S. Jessop
Sa Coma