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It's that magical time of the year again! The magical time when we walk around dazed and confused, wondering what Christmas gifts to buy for an ever-expanding list of family members and friends.

The problem with gifting is that our loved ones already have everything. Another purse, one more scarf, a new pair of earrings is always nice, but it doesn't actually leave a lasting impression.

So how about this year we do something different? This year, instead of giving things, we give memories? Instead of earrings, we give feelings?

Hotel Treats - St. Regis

That’s something only experiences can do. So, we partnered up with Hotel Treats - a collection of the very best experience gift vouchers from the most fabulous hotels, spas, and restaurants in Majorca. Sit back, relax, and browse our curated selection of Spa Experiences, Fine Dining, and Accommodation Packages.

Once you find the perfect one, you can easily buy it online, choose a beautiful gift voucher template and add a personalised message. Hotel Treats will send you the voucher immediately, ready for you to print or forward it to the lucky recipient. Perfect for last-minute shopping & perfect for your friends and family back in Blighty to buy for you too!