The Soller Christmas tree. | Shirley Roberts

The great exodus has begun and made way for the homecomings. Sollerics spend half their time at the airport either delivering or collecting someone. We have the University bunch arriving back from the Peninsula, UK, Switzerland, Holland and more European cities. They have all learnt much this term and had all the freedom in the world. Now they come back home to their tribe and their own space. This is a very interesting crowd as most of them were so excited about leaving for education and seeing something of another world. The word on the street is that most of them can’t wait to be back and to touch base with all that is familiar and home.

As the planes bounce the stormy skies, some are leaving. They have had enough of winter in Majorca and realise they are not connected enough to remain. This group arrived for the summer and had tourism jobs in the sun. They worked harder than they ever thought possible and now winter is here they have no job and no money. The only alternative for them has been to get a kind family member to buy them a flight and they are on their way home. They might come back or then again another tourist destination might appeal, once they get their energy back.

Majorca is an island of constant comings and goings with the airport at its hub. Yes, you can get away by sea and the ferries link us the mainland every day. This still doesn’t beat being able to get almost anywhere in Europe within two hours. This is one of Majorca’s main selling points and a huge factor in relocation decisions. Every year there are arguments about the places in the UK that shut their links to Majorca in the winter months. Some of those are beginning to change and this is with huge pressure from the Scottish and North of England travellers. We all like to think that the air links that were in existence when we bought places here were going to stay for ever - sadly the didn’t.

This is a time of huge uncertainty for many but the fog began to lift for some after the UK election results were in. Many transferred money the very next day when there was a mini surge in the exchange rate. A Soller friend of mine is completing on a house here tomorrow with a smile on his face as a result of this. Humans of Majorca continue to arrive with their dreams intact.

The 2019 Humans of Majorca have included stories of local people who have made a difference in their communities. Addicts who found the healing they needed on this island. Musicians who performed and stayed to continue the creative vibes of Deia and Fornalutx. Seriously successful people who control global empires from behind the shuttered doors of Majorcan Village houses. Families who arrived with nothing, fleeing poverty and problems. Invited immigrants who were not sure of the welcome they would receive in the farmlands of Majorca. So many, many stories of 2019.

On an island where the demographics are almost 50% non Majorcans the stories are overwhelming. What is is that brought them to this island? I am not talking of the seasonal workers but those that made family and huge relocations. I ask this question on a very regular basis and the answers are always different. Majorca got into the soul of many in the 60’s and 70’s and it is now their children and grandchildren who are turning up here. Inheritance also plays a part and many of the houses left to grandchildren are being occupied by them or their children. The links to France, South Africa and the USA in this way are very relevant to the Soller Valley.

Humans of Majorca live in that rare state of being a small island with a cosmopolitan centre. So many different nationalities and traditions in one beautiful place. The proximity to the airport, Spain and the rest of Europe makes it such an easy hub for travel and conducting global business all over the world.

I have enjoyed my 2019 conversations with the ‘Humans of Majorca’ that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I know that 2020 is going to be another fantastic year of stories and I look forward to sharing them with you.

Happy Christmas from Humans of Majorca…