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As we leave December behind, our first year as Save The Med Foundation has officially come to an end!

We wish to thank everyone who has formed part of it - in any way, shape or form - so much for your contribution! You are the ones who make up #GenerationSaveTheMed and make change possible!

We’re happy to share with you our last newsletter of 2019 and want to wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Good news for our marine protected areas!

Inclusion of Sa Dragoneras’ external waters in the MPA
Since the declaration of the marine reserve Freu de Sa Dragonera, we have been working to include the external waters of Dragonera Island into the protected area. In December a proposal for the protection of the external waters was published by the Central Administration of Spain. This brings us one step closer to the expansion of the existent MPA!

The Whale Migration Corridor declared Specially Protected Area of Mediterranean Importance (SPAMI)
The declaration was made during the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) held in Italy in December. The area, located between the mainland of Spain and the Balearic Islands covers 46,386 km² and is important for many cetacean species which migrate between feeding and breeding grounds.

Based on the results from our Formentor expeditions, our scientists have mapped the optimal zones with the highest value for conservation and potential for regeneration of biodiversity, including the recovery of commercial fish species. The map will be presented during future meetings with local stakeholders and authorities, to develop a joint management plan.

Expedition results
While the Toftevaag is wintering in the Port of Mahon, our captain, lead researcher and ‘turtle whisperer’ Ric has been busy with Data Analysis, and Reporting. Our four “Turtle Oceanographers” are still transmitting valuable information and you can see how far they’ve come online:

Meanwhile, one of our top priorities since the 2019 survey has been to highlight the alarming amount of lost fishing gear found at sea - one of the most dangerous types of plastic pollution - the removal of which took up a big portion of our survey time.

Dragonera Blava Exhibition and Workshops
Our new local leadership project ‘Discover Your MPA Sa Dragonera’ has already seen hundreds of community members from Andratx and beyond participating in collaborative projects and events that highlight the natural beauty and the values of this unique area. Their contributions have resulted in the immersive exhibition ‘Dragonera Blava’ which was on show in Andratx during November and December, and will be exhibited in new places throughout 2020. Boat excursions, presentations, interactive workshops for school children, surveys and artistic contributions from local painters and illustrators are some examples of the different forms of collaborations taking place. Take a look at Save The Med Foundation’s Youtube channel to see videos and contact to get involved!


Dos Manos Schools Programme
Our Dos Manos students keep working for a cleaner and healthier environment. Around 880 students from 16 different schools have taken action during the first part of the school year 2019-2020 and we wish to thank them all for their effort, energy and great ideas on how to reduce plastic waste generation!

Meanwhile, our Changemakers are still going strong and have recently participated in an event, presenting their initiatives during our Zero Waste conference in Trui Teatre, which we organised in collaboration with VIVECO. As a result of the event, a guide to plastic free shopping in Majorca was published on our website for all who want to transit towards a low impact lifestyle. To expand it, we invite you all to send us information about shops that you know of which focus on reusable, returnable and bulk products!

We look forward to making the next decade a decade of regeneration, together with you all!