Soller views. | Rachel Fox

Good energy is the story of the week as much of it has been concentrated on the evolution of Super Solidarity. The Food Bank of Soller – Rebost - has expanded into a school building for the duration. The free market is open on Monday mornings and currently provides a basic weekly shop for 128 Soller families. 4300 litres of milk have passed through the door in the past two weeks. This is a project run by ACCIÓ SOCIAL SÓLLER, part of Caritas, in collaboration with Town Hall Social Services, volunteers and the local Red Cross, all of whom are facing unprecedented demand for basics and deliveries to our vulnerable people.

Super Solidarity is the initiative and we are targeting English speakers who want to help. Many of them want to do more but are frustrated by the lockdown. This opportunity means they can financially contribute to show solidarity with their neighbours.

Our challenge is to keep those shelves stocked, ideally without physically bringing donations. As well as providing food, baby products, and toiletries, Acció Social also offer micro credits to help people cover immediate needs. The free supermarket, open Mondays from 10.00 to 13.00, is operated on a points-based system according to need – evaluated by the local Red Cross.

Disinfecting the streets of SollerDisinfecting the streets of Soller. Photo: Rachel Fox.

The English speaking community are crying out to help our neighbours . A Go Fund me page has been created by local Barry Byrne with the donations immediately going to the Accio Social Soller. Financial contributions are the easiest and most can access online banking.

The important message is that this group don’t just need one off support this is ongoing for the foreseeable future. The donations and items collected will be a way of life in the Soller Valley. The fact that it is now a collective of all the people best able to organize and financial contributions from the rest of us is a great start.

Amongst our number in the Soller Valley are English speakers who need to avail themselves of this service and they are encouraged to contact Social Services on 971 634836 or email

Life in the Soller Valley continues to tick along inside closed doors. The children have been receiving online school support. I have made on excursion to the chemist this week along empty streets reminiscent of a film set. Soller just looks beautiful in its isolationist splendour. The streets are clean and at 11 am it was silent except for birdsong. The cars that pass are looked at by the lone walkers. Why are they in the car and where are they going? This is a momentary thought for the likes of me but not for the local police. They stop cars and ask them that question. Every country has it debates on national compliance and police powers but right now we just do as we are told. The time for debate on all this will come later and there is no doubt that it will.

The cottage industries for making face masks are in full production in the Soller Valley. The next phase is preparing for the time when everyone has to wear a mask when ‘Lockdown Light’ begins. Masks will become fashion statements and something creative to do in these odd times. A little glitter and sparkle never hurt anyone and adds fun to the process. Maybe we all ought to make 7, one for every day of the week. A great project to keep us busy crafting.

The stats on people living alone in Majorca are staggering. In a local community where families of three generations often live together the fact that 100,000, mainly women, live alone is troubling. Since my husband died I am one of those statistics. From a personal perspective in this crisis the ‘aloneness’ is challenging. Note that I didn’t say lonely because my family live round the corner and could be there for me in a crisis. Otherwise we live like many here, communicating on skype and whatsapp. I have balcony chats with neighbours and dog walkers who pass by. The aloneness manifests itself when you are just sick of your own company and want someone to laugh or moan with. Every member of society is facing its own pressures but I can really understand those facing this on their own.