Broken potato with seta mushroom foam, Iberian ham and eggs. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

This week we bring you another recipe by Arrocería El Puente.

Broken potato with seta mushroom foam, iberian ham and eggs at low temperature


·250g boiled potato
· 10g parsley and garlic oil
· 50g Seta mushroom mousse
· 150g raw mushrooms (50g cooked)
· 2 Free-range eggs cooked at low temperature (45 mins at 65º)
· 35g Iberian ham
· 5g watercress
· 2g salt flakes

Seta mushroom foam
·1 kilo frozen setas
· 500g caramelised onions

For the potato:
Boil a 250g potato with the skin well washed for about 30 minutes, on a medium low heat to prevent it from breaking, carefully check that it is cooked with a skewer, trying not to exert any pressure! Once ready, set aside.

For the eggs:
If you have a ‘roner’ or a controlled cooking method, cook the egg for 45 minutes at 65°, if not make a poached egg in a traditional way or fried as you like.

For the Seta foam
Cook the ingredients together and for 10 to 15 minutes over a gentle heat, mash well with a food processor and pass it through a Chinese strainer, then put in a siphon for foam, place the gas loads (2u) and keep at 50° to serve, if you do not have a siphon then make some good seasonal mushrooms and sauté or confit them to put on the plate!

Break the potato open and fry it until it is golden and crispy, place it in a deep dish, with a little garlic and parsley oil or one that you prefer. Place the eggs in the centre in the shape of a volcano, add salt and pepper, place a double layer of small slices of Iberian ham on top, then cover with the mousse or mushrooms. Then grate a fresh mushroom on top. And that’s it, enjoy!