Where to go eat this weekend? | R.E.

This week we bring you some more restaruants that have remained open in these difficult times, reinventing themselves to provide their customers with excellent daily menus and innovatie cuisine.

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Here are three reviews of different restaurants in Palma by our Bulletin Restaurant Critic

Restaurante Andana

· I always like to come across a dish that takes over the crown for the ‘best ever’ version. Apart from introducing readers to a discovery that’s worth trying, it also means Palma’s gastronomic scene keeps moving upwards — and that’s always welcome. What wasn’t so good were the unnecessary errors that followed in our other dishes. I shan’t go into them again except to say that there were too many. I think they should take another look at the dishes, this time with more objective eyes. A bit of self criticism is called for and should have been applied four months ago. There was a brochure on each table with a menu from which we and other diners ordered our meal — but the prices didn’t coincide with those on the bill (€1 more in our dishes). That is a great big no-no.

Restaurante Andana, Plaza España 6, Palma. (On site of the old railway station). Tel:971-100201. Closed on Sundays.

Restaurante La Vieja

· It’s always a splendid experience when a meal starts with a 10-rated dish — and especially when it’s such an unusual one as the twice-cooked egg. It was a poached egg that still had a totally liquid yolk even after it was breadcrumbed, deep-fried and served on a bed of potato purée with cream of wild mushrooms. You need loads of chutzpah to even attempt a dish like that. Making it work so beautifully gives Canary Islands cook-owner Jonay Hernández something to sing about. The giant cannelloni with a boiled beef and hen filling packed in lots of taste but the sauce was disappointing. The salted leg meat of a Majorcan black pig roasted in a kamado oven sounded good in print but was unexciting on the plate. I expected batter-fried skate for the sandwich but it was a mish-mash, although very tasty.

Restaurante La Vieja. Plaza Raimundo Clar 11, Palma. Tel:871-531731. Closed on Sundays and for lunch on Mondays.

Taberna Vasca Jai Alai

· Basque restaurants are the best in Spain (although those in Madrid, Barcelona and other places would never agree) but that doesn’t mean everything they serve is top rate. The bomba de patatas (large potato croquettes) were indeed made on the premises but that doesn’t put them directly into the champions league. They could have been better and the €12.90 price was too high. They came with a nice enough sauce made with wild mushrooms plus a separate slightly piquant sauce that was totally superfluous. It was there mainly as an attempt to justify the high price. The fried eggs were flawless: soft yolks and crisp and frilly edges. It’s a pity the fried potatoes were so stale. Best of all were the mussels. The perfect ones were the best I’ve ever had, but four that were just normal brought the score down to 9.6…which is still rather splendid.

Taberna Vasca Jai Alai. Calle Fábrica 59, Palma. Tel:871-956335. Closed on Sundays.