Chamber of Commerce with meeting.

IT was a question of one door closes and another opens in Palma yesterday at the local Chamber of Commerce. The business group have been holding a series of conferences through video linkup on Brexit. Yesterday, was the final session and the guest speakers were Jonny Greenall, owner and Chief Pilot of Balearic helicopters and Bulletin editor Jason Moore.

At the end of the session, in which Jonny Greenall outlined the turbulence facing his business as a result of Brexit, the possibility of establishing a British business grouping through the Bulletin in the Chamber of Commerce was muted. The local Chamber of Commerce has thousands of members and it could be a golden opportunity for local British-owned businesses to network with their Spanish counterparts and discuss new ways of working together and tackling joint problems.

Jonny Greenall said that 50 percent of his business was from Britain and as a result of Brexit he would have to find new markets. “It would be fantastic if we could have more Spanish clients,” said Jonny, who welcomed the possibility of this business grouping being established.

“As a result of Covid the number of events in which you can network and meet people has diminished. I think this grouping could be a good networking vehicle especially after Covid.”

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In his 20-minute presentation yesterday Greenall underlining the fact that he was facing a costly paper mountain as a result of Brexit. He said that he had been forced to spend heavily on both his staff and helicopters so that they could operate after the Brexit deadline.

Bulletin editor Jason Moore spoke about the challenges which would be faced by businesses after the withdrawal.

He also remarked that Britain was leaving the European Union not Europe and it would continue to be a major European partner.

If any British owned businesses on the island are interesting in the idea of a British business group within the Chamber of Commerce on the island please send me an email.