shoe boxes with luxury goods. | Vicki McLeod


Jane Thornely Higgs got in touch to tell the Majorca Daily Bulletin about the sterling efforts in Minorca during the festive period by the Ladies Luncheon Club to support residents struggling to feed themselves. A great story of how a small group of people can make a huge difference with some hard work, creativity and community spirit.

“After a conversation between the Committee of our Ladies Luncheon Club (of which I’m a member (membership now stands at 80!) We decided to do something to bring the club together, as for obvious reasons, the club lunches have not taken place since March. On the theme of ‘doing a good deed’, we decided, in collaboration with Mahon Red Cross, to give a little Christmas cheer to some of the needy families in the Mahon area; there are approximately 1000 families who are suffering, many because of the appalling summer season here. Minorca depends so heavily on tourists, especially the British.”

The group decided to decorate and then fill shoe boxes with luxury goods, which the families would not have been able to afford at Christmas. “These included chocolate, sweets, and turron and also a small gift for the ‘lady of the house’, who in our opinion holds the family together.”

All in all, over 200 boxes and bags were collected. More help was given with the offers of storage and distribution from local firms. Cash donations enabled the organisers to purchase a large quantity of bags of turron and chocolate sweets, and with any remaining donations fruit and vegetables were purchased as important staples.

Their efforts “went viral” as the lady, Annie Gooch, who was organising it is also the Social Secretary for the Menorca Cricket Club, so more people managed to hear about the effort and wished to contribute. Annie and a small team of helpers worked tirelessly on the project. Sadly, because of covid restrictions they were not able to be present when the donations were made to the recipients.
Congratulations ladies on your kind gestures. We salute you.

Over 200 boxes and bags were collected


The various food banks across Mallorca continue to report a huge demand, if you are able to make a donation to your local food bank and are not sure which is most local to you get in touch with the Majorca Daily Bulletin office or via the Facebook group Majorca Mallorca. Together.