Julian Looman and Elen Rhys during the shooting of episode 3 at the Son Moix stadium. | Humphrey Carter

Here is a brief summary of today’s Ep 3 – The Beautiful Game that is currently showing this week on BBC1 at 14.45.

Miranda (Elen Rhys) and Max (Julian Looman) are assigned security detail to rising Mallorcan football star Rico Alonso (Antón Antoniadis) who is about to transfer to a German Bundesliga club, incurring the increasingly hostile wrath of local fans. Roco’s mother Marta (Rebecca Roidán) – who has devoted her whole life to this moment - couldn’t be happier for her son, nor could Roco’s dodgy agent Lee Flack (Craig Kelly), who stands to make a fortune from the transfer. So, the focus of the investigation turns to Roco’s down-at-heel childhood friend Carlos (Marco H. Medina), whose own footballing dream ended bitterly after a knee injury.

But when tragedy strikes on the eve of Roco’s transfer deadline and the star player goes missing, Miranda and Max have to determine whether the crime is the work of a disgruntled fan, or whether the truth lies closer to home.

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Elsewhere, Max challenges Miranda to a penalty shootout after a disagreement about childhood dreams.

Filming locations

The filming in this episode took place in the Estadi Son Moix– the home of Real Mallorca FC - to the north west of the capital. The football ground is the largest in the Balearics and the 26th largest football stadium in Spain.

Special permission had to be requested to film the opening scenes as they took place during half-time in the middle of a live football match. So those are real-life football fans viewers can see in the seats, not CGI.