Queen's College school easter eggs | Queen's College

The last week of the spring term was sprinkled with moments of Easter magic as the children made Easter baskets, Easter cards and bonnets with flowers, chicks, lambs and Easter eggs.

Queen's College school easter

The children loved painting real eggs and hunting for chocolate ones on their Easter egg hunt in the woodlands around the school and in the school gardens.

The Early Years children were so excited as there were so many glimpses of the Easter bunny!

Queen's College school easter

Some saw his bobtail as he dived into a rabbit hole, others decided it was a “lady bunny” and she wore a flowery dress and lived inside a hollowed out tree.

Queen's College school easter eggs

The Easter bunny was also seen scampering through the forest, far too fast to catch up with her!

The Year 4 children made some magnificent papier-mâché bunnies and the Year 5 pupils made delicate baskets which were filled with Easter treats for their families.

Queen's College school students

It was lovely to see mums and dads proudly wearing their children’s Easter bonnets at the end of the day. Happy Easter from Queen’s College!