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Baleares International College will be holding an Early Years and Primary focused Virtual Open Day to offer all families the opportunity to get a better idea of our schools and to gain an insight into student life at BIC. You will be able to find out what we do at Baleares international College to prepare our little learners for school life in a fun and mindful way as well as enter in a live Q&A session with our Principals and Primary specialist team.

Find out more and register for this informative session by visiting our website: or contacting us directly at:

BIC Sant Agustí - | +34 971 406 161
BIC Sa Porrassa - | +34 971 133 167

Register by clicking here: Early Years and Primary Virtual Open Day

A Showcase of the Early Years Curriculum at Baleares International College

Here at BIC we aim to foster a positive attitude towards learning, confidence, communication and physical development from a very young age. We plan a rich, exciting and challenging curriculum in our Early Years Department (for children ages 3-5), igniting their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

This is the first stage of a child’s education and the key focus during this part of the national curriculum is based on routine and easing the students into the idea of learning in a structured environment. Many of the undertaken activities are play-based and as the years progress in the foundation stage your child develops new skills through a formal teaching programme which will introduce them and prepare them for their first year in Primary School

Following the Early Years framework our curriculum is based on observations of your child's needs, interests and stages of development across the seven important and inter connected areas of learning, enabling them to achieve and exceed their early learning goals:

The seven areas of learning are composed of:

· Personal, social and emotional development
· Communication and language
· Literacy
· Mathematical development
· Knowledge and understanding of the world
· Physical development
· Creative development

We offer our young learners a range of rich, meaningful first hand experiences in which they explore, enjoy, think creatively and are always active. Languages are an important part of our curriculum and all pupils receive Spanish lessons weekly in addition to celebrating local festivals and embracing the Mallorcan culture. Children also learn to speak confidently in English and build up a strong vocabulary through singing, storytelling and playing, preparing them to be strong readers and writers.

We pride ourselves in the way we involve parents at every stage of their child's learning journey. Parents frequently join us in school for workshops or to talk about their jobs and hobbies. We are a close-knit community and our students benefit greatly from family involvement.

Part of our philosophy is to include as much outdoor learning as possible and we are lucky to have the climate to do this. Our Early Years gardens and outdoors classrooms are beautiful places for young children to explore, build relationships with peers and gain the skills they need.

By enrolling your child in our Early Years department, you are giving them a head start in terms of having the knowledge and skills they need to start school. We offer the support each child needs in order to fulfill their potential. A child's experience between birth and age five has a major impact on their future life and our aim is to provide them with the best possible experience.

Open day at BIC

For an insight into daily life in our Early Years and Primary schools please join us for our Virtual Open Day on Thursday 20th May.

About BIC Sant Agustí (Palma)

Baleares International College, Sant Agustí, is a dedicated Primary school with excellent facilities for Primary age children including large, brightly lit and well-equipped classrooms, as well as specialist facilities such as music and art.

At BIC, Sant Agustí, we celebrate each student's achievements and progress within our school family. The school's family values are built on respect and consideration of one another in a productive, caring environment, supported by highly qualified and dedicated teachers. We aim to create a stimulating and caring environment which enables all students to reach their potential and by doing so, develop their skills and confidence in all areas of life.

About BIC Sa Porrassa (Calvià)

Baleares International College, Sa Porrassa, is accommodated in a large, custom-built school situated in the beautiful, rural environment of Calvià. The school is in a very accessible location on the southwest coast of Mallorca and has a capacity for over 460 students from 3 to 18 years of age.

We pride ourselves on being a truly international school community, welcoming over 40 nationalities across our schools in Mallorca. We forge close relationships between students, parents and teachers, and tailor our curriculum to take full advantage of the opportunities that our multicultural community offers to collaborate, learn from each other and develop a truly global perspective.