The Mortal Kombat movie reboot from director Simon McQuoid features the defenders of Earthrealm Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Jax Briggs and more entering the Mortal Kombat tournament to save the world from Shang Tsung, Sub-Zero, Mileena and other supernatural kombatants. This red band Mortal Kombat (2021) trailer shows off why it's rated R. Mortal Kombat movie release date April 16, 2021. | Youtube: IGN

As of Friday April 16, these are the films screenings and showtimes in Palma. At CineCiutat are the Oscar nominated films The United States vs. Bille Holiday, Nomadland and new this week the documentary Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan. Festival Park is screening new this week Mortal Kombat and Promising Young Woman.

Mortal Kombat (2021)

Times at Festival Park: 12.15 (18/4) and 18.30 (20/4)

Starring: Lewis Tan, Jessica McNamee and Josh Lawson.

Director: Simon McQuoid.

Sinopsis: MMA fighter Cole Young seeks out Earth's greatest champions in order to stand against the enemies of Outworld in a high stakes battle for the universe.

Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes.

Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy.

Rated: 18.

See trailer above.

The United States vs. Billie Holiday (2021)

Times at CineCiutat: 15.00, 17.05 (not on Sun), 19.30 (not on Fri, Tues and Sun)

Starring: Andra Day, Trevante Rhodes and Garrett Hedlund.

Director: Lee Daniels.

Sinopsis: Follows Holiday during her career as she is targeted by the Federal Department of Narcotics with an undercover sting operation led by black Federal Agent Jimmy Fletcher, with whom she had a tumultuous affair.

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes.

Genre: Biography, drama and music.

Rated: 16.

Nomadland (2020)

Times at CineCiutat: 17.20 and 19.45 (not on Thurs)

Starring: Frances McDormand, David Strathairn and Linda May.

Director: Chloé Zhao.

Sinopsis: After losing everything in the Great Recession, a woman embarks on a journey through the American West, living as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad.

Duration: 1 hour 47 minutes.

Genre: Drama.

Rated: 12.

Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan (2020)

Times at CineCiutat: 19.30 (Fri and Tues) and 19.40 (Sun only)

Starring: Shane MacGowan, Johnny Depp and Siobhan MacGowan.

Director: Julien Temple.

Sinopsis: A look at the life of Irish singer/songwriter and Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan.

Duration: 2 hours and 4 minutes.

Genre: Documentary, Biography, Music.

Rated: 16

Promising Young Woman (2020)

Times at Festival Park: 12.40 (18/4) and 18.55 (20/4)

Starring: Carey Mulligan, Bo Burnham and Alison Brie.

Director: Emerald Fennell.

Sinopsis: A young woman, traumatized by a tragic event in her past, seeks out vengeance against those who crossed her path.

Duration: 1 hour 53 minutes.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller.

Rated: 16.