Inside of the cinema Lumiere. | Andreu Beltran Bestard

Cinemas have been disappearing from the streets at a steady pace for years and now that thousands have gotten used to tuning in to movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO from the comfort of their own home during the coronavirus lockdown, it’s likely that many more will soon be gone.

Los Lumiere is the latest cinema to fall by the wayside in Mallorca and for me there’s something very sad about losing yet another place that’s inspired so many people to make movies and offered even more an escape from the hardships of daily life, at least for a couple of hours.

Los Lumiere Cinema, Palma.


Los Lumiere has been shut for years and it’s clear from photographs taken recently that the interior of the cinema is very dilapidated.

Los Lumiere Cinema, Palma.

The seats and reception area have been preserved and apparently the projectors still work, but the rest is a complete shambles and it'll take a hefty wad of cash to bring the building up to standard, no matter what it’s used for.

Los Lumiere Cinema, Palma.

It has been closed for more than ten years and the ‘For Rent’ sign has been up for quite a while, which has generated a lot of interest, so now we've posted the advert online," according to Mallorca House Inmobiliaria.

“An open space with high ceilings and would be ideal for large shops, supermarkets, or a gym, in an up and coming area with excellent services and communication,” says the advert.

Los Lumiere Cinema, Palma.

The rise of shopping malls with movie theatres on the outskirts of the city has led to the closure of a number of theatres in the centre of Palma.

Metropolitan Cinema, Pere Garau, Palma.

The Metropolitan Multi-cinemas turned off their projectors in 2011, after nearly 70 years and the Servera family are looking for a new tenant for the Pere Garau movie house in Carrer Gabriel Llabrés.

The 1,265 m2 Los Lumiere in Avenida San Fernando has been listed on Idealista for 1.5 million euros with an option to rent it for 5,000 euros a month. For more information log on to:

Los Lumiere Cinema, Palma.