Foto Jove, Palma. | Youtube: Palma Educa

For more than 25 years, Pilar Negredo, has been encouraging young people to show their most creative side through photography and the 25th Foto Jove 2021 photographic awards are being held at Casal Solleric in Palma today.

Foto Jove has reached 1,300 students aged 9-20 who were distributed into three categories.

Images captured by participants from 21 schools all over Mallorca bring light and colour to a landscape that’s been marred by Covid-19 for months.

"They broke the mould, more than 5,000 photographs were viewed by FotoJove in order to create the Colour I Vida Exhibition,” explains Pilar Negredo. “The colourful photography of artists, such as Ouka Lele, the great creators of Pop Art, the masters of geometric colour and the great nature photographers bring a cheerful, colourful vision to our world in Covid times,” says Negredo.


Foto Jove is one of Palma Educa’s most outstanding educational activities and it and the Literature Collection bring our youth closer to culture and invite them to discover their own emotions.

There are 35 prizes in three age categories in this year’s competition, which have been provided by El Corte Inglés, Foto Ruano, CEF School of Audiovisual Arts, EDIB, Fleming Group, Mallorca Photography Course, Cines de Palma, Baobab bookstores and Quart Crescent.

The Winners:

Photo 1.

1. 1st prize El Corte Inglés (9-12) - Aina Font Font, IES Madina Mayurqa.

Photo 2.

2. 4th Photo Ruano award (9-12) - Clarisse Dan Bernal, Santa Magdalena Sofía School.

Photo 3.

3. 6th Cines de Palma award (9-12) - Nut Mey, Lycée Français.

Photo 4.

4. 7th Baobab Bookshop Award (9-2) - Julio Mulet García, Santa Monica School.

Photo 5.

5. 2nd Photo Ruano award (13-15) - Carme Vadell Marí, Mata de Jonc School.

Photo 6.

6. 1st prize Mallorca Photography Course (13-15) - Xavi Gili Dauden, IES Binissalem

Photo 7.

7. 7th El Corte Inglés award (16-20) - Maria del Mar Borrego, IES Son Pacs.

Photo 8.

8. 8º Baobab Bookshop Award (13-15) - Blue Fox, IES Santanyí.

Photo 9.

9. 1º CEF award (16-20) - Alexandra Butler-Davis, CIDE.

Photo 10.

10. 2nd EDIB award (16-20) - Arnau Vadell Marí, IES J.M. Llompart

The ‘Colour & Life’ Exhibition is open to the public until May 20 at Casal Solleric.