Event held in February 2021, 4th Balearic Island Trophy: Mallorca's Regional Championship. | Youtube: FBBE FEDERACIÓ BALEAR DE BALL ESPORTIU

Despite the obvious difficulty of arranging events during the pandemic, the Federació Balear de Ball Esportiu managed to celebrate the Regional Championship standard dances for couples and singles, and the V Trofeu Illes Balears at the Toni Pzja sports centre in Sa Indioteria last weekend.

Couples competing in the Regional Championship, Mallorca.

More than a hundred contestants aged 4-80 took part in the competition, which was organised in several blocks to comply with the current regulations. It was also the first competition of the season that the public were able to attend, which was a huge boost for the dancers and the audience.

Pair dancing, Single, Choreographic Dance, Sincro Latin and Choreographic Duo Sincro took place in the Sports Pavilion over the space of 2 days. Choreographic Duo Sincro was added as a novelty this season by the Spanish Federation and it proved to be a popular decision.

The Spanish Federation is now finalising the regulations and training technicians in Single Line modality, so that it can be included in future competitions.

Fans can look forward to another day of dancing on May 16, which will feature the XXVII Trofeu FBBE and include a memorial to sportswoman, María del Rocío Ramos, who recently died.

Veteran sports dance couple, Juan José Zamora and his wife Asunción Dethorey, will turn 80 on May 16 and dancing has clearly helped them to stay fit.