The Mallorca Voltors players during a training session. | T. AYUGA

The Mallorca Voltors have made a strong return to the National Football League and now they have an opportunity to make history.

They rose to the challenge of qualifying for the playoffs after forming a remarkable regular league in the Eastern Conference of the Serie A of the National Football League and are about to go face to face with the best team in the competition to secure a place in the Spanish Bowl and hopefully be crowned 2020/21 champions. In Las Rozas (Madrid) the LG OLED Black Demons are waiting for them. The squad has only been beaten once in 8 games. With the field factor on their side, but the pressure of being favourites in the game against the Vultures, Head Coach, Andrés Gelabert has a shot at getting his team a ticket to the Spanish Bowl.


With a strong squad and players like, Quarterback Tanner Young, Wide receiver-Tight end Jaylon Hibbs and Kicker Juan Carlos Castilla, this season has been the consecration of the Mallorca Voltors as one of the alternatives to the defending champions, the Badalona Dracs and will face the current runners-up, the Black Demons of Las Rozas in the semifinals.
With a record 5 victories and 3 defeats to their credit, the Voltors have already earned the respect of their rivals in Serie A of the National Football League, the highest category in Spain.

Now, they want to take a step forward by making it to the playoffs for the title, but the Badalona Dracs and LG OLED Black Demons are great candidates, who’ve dominated their respective Conferences and demonstrate the depth of their templates, but the Voltors are determined.

The Mallorca Voltors, under the direction of Head Coach Andrés Gelabert, have accumulated a remarkable amount of experience during the last seasons, allowing them to count on contrasted players within the LNFA, like Jesus Aguilera, Lluís Salom, Yago Rivero, Carlos Vega, Marcos Molina, Víctor Rodriguez, Gregory Leonidas, Jonatan Aguilar and junior Diego Lliteras in the Quaterback position.

Their quality and experience is reinforced by Josh Aleaze, Kadel King, Sam Troth, Gerard Lucenti, Josh Richter, Jaylon Hibbs and Tanner Young, who’s one of the best players in the league.

The match kicks off at 17:00 this Saturday, May 1 at the El Cantizal Stadium.