Roots Mallorca Mediterranean design rustic table. | Katta Tubio

A true love of wood and nature is at the heart of two Mallorcan companies, Con Alma Design and Roots Mallorca and their rustic furniture and unique designs are inspired by the countryside.

Álvaro Garriga and María Antonia Marqués, Con Alma Design.

Con Alma Design

Con Alma Design defines the philosophy of their brand as nature and design. The slow process of the wood, the annual growth, the slow drying and ageing, give their products a distinctive country feel.

Álvaro Garriga and María Antonia Marqués used to live in Barcelona, now they live on a Mallorcan estate in Alaró and are surrounded by a pine forest, sheep, olive trees and the sounds of the countryside, which inspires them to create wooden artisanal pieces that bring a little piece of nature to their clients' homes.

“Living in the town of María Antonia brings an inner peace and the wood on the estate give us the tools to create,” says Álvaro.

Con Alma Design Cutting Boards.

Their cutting boards made with wood and hand-painted tiles have become a best seller and their nine pine cubes which can be put together as a table or used separately as seats or side tables are also hugely popular.

Alejandro Primo, Roots Mallorca.

Roots Mallorca

Roots Mallorca is owned by Alfredo Primo who’s also a wood designer and every piece he makes is unique. He creates rustic furniture from old wood, beams and logs with a rustic patina that improves over the years.

"Imperfections make them more real,” he says.

Alfredo and his wife, Nagore also live in Alaró, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Alfredo started making furniture for his house when he gave up his job as skipper of a boat and before long he was creating pieces for customers who were looking for something a little bit different.

They have completely changed their way of life, their home and their jobs to become wood artisans and are constantly working on interior and exterior projects.

Between them, Alfredo's pergolas and tables bring friends and families together to cook, eat and enjoy each others company and Álvaro and María Antonia’s pieces brighten up the home, by bringing nature into their homes.