Milú. | Youtube Última Hora

Naroa Cerdán and Silvia Pérez have a poodle called Milú who's disabled, but they say adopting him has completely changed their lives.

Six years ago a herniated disc severed Milú’s spinal cord and he lost all mobility in his hip. After visits to other clinics, he was taken to the clinic Pollensa where Naroa works as a veterinary assistant.

“Milú’s owners were very attached to him, but after the surgery, the veterinarian warned them that the dog had less than a 5% chance of regaining mobility,” Naroa explains.

When it was confirmed that Milú was definitely paralysed, the owners chose to have him put down, but Naroa was determined not to let that happen.

"I didn't think twice, I called my partner and he agreed that it was a good idea to adopt Milú and when I told the owners that I wanted to keep him they were really happy,” he says. "We had to learn how to empty his urine, but once we did that, taking care of Milú was very easy."

Milú hasn’t had any complications since then, he's settled in really well and has a very strong bond with his French bulldog brother, Simba and feline sister, ‘Popi’.

Milú is nearly nine years old, but he moves like lightning in his wheelchair and he loves to run and play in the garden in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar.

"My message to anyone in a situation like this is don't give up and don't abandon their pet," says Naroa, "these animals are stronger than us, their recovery power is amazing and they will always thank you."