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Creators, artists and artisans from all over Mallorca are meeting at Son Amar during the Geyser Festival.

Mallorca is anchored in craftsmanship and those skills have been handed down through the generations and used to create new, modern and dynamic designs.

de Vero Collage.

The Mallorca Crea network of artisans and the Geyser Festival organisers have invited artisans, artists and creators who specialise in illustration and design, ceramics, fashion, accessories, jewellery and decoration to Son Amar to showcase their individual skills at Son Amar.

“The idea is to make residents and visitors more aware of buying direct from artisans, promote kilometre 0 and environmentally friendly produce and help people discover talented creators who are living in Mallorca. The objective of this festival is to highlight the work of artisans, from fet a mà and fet a casa nostra,” said the organisers.

The Mallorca Crea Artisan Market was launched online in 2020 by Fires i Festes in a bid to make local products more visible on social media networks, but this is first time the event has been held in public.

The Mallorca Crea Artisan Market will be held on 3 days in May and 3 in June, and it begins on Saturday May 22.

Jewellery by Aida Rull.