Camper vans parked in Puerto Pollensa. | Andrew Renton

Camper vans

Dear Sir,

This is the last week of May and already our beautiful resort of Puerto Pollensa is being blighted by “fly” camper vans.

We have nothing against campers but when parked next to our property - where do you think they go to the toilet, whose outdoor showers do they use when they think no-one is in and how do the dogs they let loose to wander get kept under control and stopped from soiling our lively pine walk?

Despite their overnight parking being illegal - no action is being taken by the police, and the problem judging by the 5 camper vans parked immediately in front of us and blocking rate paying and voting residents views, is only going to get worse!

You can bet if this was happening in front of the mayor or chief of police’s house it would be stamped out straight away. I suppose all we can look forward to is a summer of spoiled views and another year of inaction from our elected officials and the police.

Andrew Renton