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There I was, agonising over what to write in my coverage of last Thursday’s weekly car meet at Port Adriano. So I’m thinking, were there any interesting cars around? Umm think, think. And suddenly it dawned on me, and yes it can take a while using this brain. I realised that I’ve become totally blasé about really interesting cars. I guess it comes from being surrounded by them week after week.

Lovely Ferrari, also hard to miss

On checking to see if I’m right, I discover that blasé means ‘unimpressed with or indifferent to something because one has experienced it so often before’. Yep, spot on I thought, how sad. Does that mean I have to stop and kind of re-boot? Or simply kick myself in the back side and just get on with it. And don’t all put your hands up at this point.

Shiny McLaren, unmissable

To put that blasé-ness into perspective, looking at Gaston’s photos from last Thursday I see that I casually strolled around one delicious Ferrari and one very slick McLaren. That’s just throwing out a couple of names of supercars we’ve all heard of and desire. Three very distinctive late model Mustangs, one of which was rather more than noticeable in what they used to call in the 70s ‘grabber orange’. Grabber, I wonder why?

French blue Renault Alpine in race ready trim

Then along came three or four of those ridiculously cute and rather fast Fiat Abarths. Two really ‘clean’ Golf GTIs. GTIs in the day used to be really nice everyday cars, nowadays morphing into a particularly desirable classic. Incidentally ‘clean’ in carspeak is nothing to do with a recent wash and polish. It refers to the originality and integrity. So it could be dirty and clean at the same time.

Late Mustang with eycatching paintwork

That little lot would be enough to excite most car nuts, but there is more. Start with a very rare and nice classic Renault Alpine fully prepared for racing. In that French racing blue metallic. Two Corvettes, a C2 and C3, that refers to the second and third generations of this, the world’s longest running production car. Staying with V8 power, my personal fave in the engine department, two British machines. A TVR Chimera and a Triumph Stag. And last but not least, a Triumph TR7.

Two very ‘clean’ Golf GTIs basking in the Mustang’s colour

Incidentally because I like to let you have as many useless facts as possible, half the cars there were V8 powered. Doesn’t mean anything in particular, they just sound good. Do come along with your interesting, classic or fun wheels on Thursday from 18.00, to see and hear for yourself. Parking in Port Adriano is free for car meet participants. Over and out for now.

TVR Chimera, another V8 powered classic

Thursday meetup is at The Blue Nest in Port Adriano every Thursday at 18.00.
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C3 Corvette from the long running third generation, 1968-1982

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C2 Corvette from the second generation, 1963-1967