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Spring is here and it is time to share a few highlights from Save The Med’s work in the first Quarterly Newsletter of 2022!

MARINE PROTECTION - Continuing our work in Formentor

Following our scientific expeditions off the coast of Formentor in 2018 we analysed the collected data and mapped the zones with the highest conservation value and regeneration potential. The information has been presented in meetings with local stakeholders and authorities, with the aim of developing a joint management plan for the Tramuntana coast. Read more on - News.

Discover Your MPA - Sa Dragonera

March 15 we organised the first of three Xarxa Dragonera Blava Forums. These participatory events aim to build a strong network among the community of Sa Dragonera while encouraging and facilitating Participatory Governance and Marine Stewardship. During the event we talked about the project, discussed the different legal protection frameworks that are in place in the area and the community members presented their concerns and dream scenarios that they envision for the conservation of Sa Dragonera.

PLASTIC REDUCTION - Plastic Free Balearics

The Plastic Free Balearics Certification Initiative, which was launched in 2021 to help companies reduce their use of single use plastics has now published a free guide that facilitates purchasing decisions with a lower environmental impact among the hospitality sector. Learn more and download the GUIDE TO HONEST ALTERNATIVES TO SINGLE-USE PLASTICS from

Meanwhile, we would like to congratulate Ma13 y Ecafè from Sineu, who are the latest businesses that have become Plastic Free Guardians and received their first certificates!

Dos Manos Schools Programme

So far this year, 857 students have already participated in the Dos Manos school programme and its citizen science activities, with the aim of collecting plastic pollution data and developing solutions to reduce waste generation at source.

The Changemakers Project

The Changemakers Project continues to engage students in the reduction of single-use plastics. Forty teams with more than 160 students aged 15-18 have signed-up to help curb the use of single use plastics. In addition, six primary school classes are currently participating in the recently launched “Changemakers Junior” project, with the same objective. Already in its fifth year, the initiative is set to expand into a university setting early next autumn in collaboration with University of the Balearic Islands. Learn more

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